Question Box: The Mormon Bible

From the question box: Does the Mormon Bible have the book of revelation in it?

Short answer: yes.

Our church has four officially canonized books of scripture, of which the Bible is one. We use and love the Bible because it is a book that contains revealed truth about God and Jesus Christ. No other book in our canon is referred to as a “Bible”, so when you say “the Mormon Bible”, you are really talking about the same Bible used by any other Christian church. In that sense, our Bible has the book of Revelation in it just like any other Bible does.

However, when somebody refers to “the Mormon Bible”, we assume they mean The Book of Mormon, which is another book in our canon of scripture. It is the testimony of Jesus Christ as recorded by a branch of the house of Israel that emigrated from Jerusalem before the Babylonian captivity. It contains many great truths, prophecies and testimonies of Jesus Christ, but it does not have the Revelation of John referred to in the question.

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What do Mormons Believe about the Birth of Jesus

Question: What are Mormons view on the birth of Jesus?

Answer: The birth of Jesus Christ was a wonderful event. Prophets from both the Old Testament and the Book of Mormon prophesied the birth of the Savior. That night when the King of Heaven and Earth was born, it wasn’t in a palace but in a lowly stable. It was in this humble beginning that our Lord and Redeemer was born.

Like other Christian churches, we celebrate his birth, especially around Christmas time. Usually my family would read the Christmas story from the New Testament, in Luke 2. Sometimes while growing up, we would even act it out.

This link is a great little summary video of the Christmas Story.

How Can A Belief in Jesus Christ Help Me?

Faith, or a belief, in Jesus Christ gives purpose to our lives: “Our purpose in this life is to have joy and prepare to return to God’s presence.” (A Guide to Missionary Service – Preach My Gospel, pg. 50)  We do this by following Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ is our great Exemplar.  His words and actions teach us how to have happy, productive lives.  As we learn and keep His commandments, we become more like Him and prepare to return to God’s presence and enjoy eternal happiness.  “One cannot study about Jesus Christ and His teachings without being affected and changed for good.  As you develop a testimony of the Savior, you want to become like Him and to follow Him.” (Ronald T. Halverson, Ensign, Nov. ’04, 33)

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The First Article of Faith

We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost.

This is a fitting first statement of our beliefs, that we believe in God. We believe that They are each separate and distinct beings from one another but that they fulfill Their work with unity of purpose.

God is our Heavenly Father and is the Father of our spirits and in this sense, Jesus is our Elder Brother. Jesus is, however, the only Son of God in the flesh. Both God, the Father, and the Son, have physical bodies. The Holy Ghost does not have a body so that He can be present with every person on Earth. His role is to testify of Christ and of the Father and to guide and comfort us in our lives.

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