Book of Mormon Prophets: Nephi

June 25, 2012

Nephi was the author of the first two books (sections) of the Book of Mormon. He was the son of a prophet named Lehi who lived in Jerusalem around 600 b.c. but who was commanded to flee the city with his family because it would later be destroyed. Nephi records his struggles, triumphs and insights […]

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The Mormon Secrecy Code

April 7, 2011
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Question from the box: “I have a mormon friend and he doesnt like to talk about what goes on when he goes to church. Is there a secrecy code or something? Once you are a mormon can you “un-become” a mormon??” We try to practice the teaching of Christ when he said “hold up your […]

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Simple Inspiration

November 2, 2009

For school, I had a comprehensive final in Bio-Chemistry.  After months of intense studying, the date of the big test was finally here.  Throughout the semester, my wife and I had been praying that I’d have a clear mind on the day of the test and that I’d remember the things that I had studied. […]

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How Do You Pray?

April 30, 2009

A step-by-step guide to praying, the Mormon way. Well, it should work, no matter what your denomination is. Give it a try!

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Greatest Gift on Earth

March 23, 2009

Think of the best gift you have ever received. Christmas, birthday, whatever.  It was probably thoughtful, generous, useful, exactly what you needed even if you didn’t realize that you needed it.  And that gift came from a person with limited resources, imperfect abilities to love completely and know your deepest needs. Now think of the […]

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