What do Mormons Believe about the Birth of Jesus

Question: What are Mormons view on the birth of Jesus?

Answer: The birth of Jesus Christ was a wonderful event. Prophets from both the Old Testament and the Book of Mormon prophesied the birth of the Savior. That night when the King of Heaven and Earth was born, it wasn’t in a palace but in a lowly stable. It was in this humble beginning that our Lord and Redeemer was born.

Like other Christian churches, we celebrate his birth, especially around Christmas time. Usually my family would read the Christmas story from the New Testament, in Luke 2. Sometimes while growing up, we would even act it out.

This link is a great little summary video of the Christmas Story.

A Mormon Christmas

Q. What do Mormons do for Christmas?


From what I have seen and experienced, Mormons celebrate Christmas in just about the same way that the rest of the Christmas-celebrating-world does.  We (in the U.S.) have a Christmas tree, stockings, egg nog (not alcoholic), family gatherings, presents, a visit from Santa, caroling, parties, and other unique family traditions.

One thing that Mormons try to do, which might set us apart from the worldly Christmas around us, is to focus on Christ as the center of the celebration.  Many families reenact the Nativity at some point on Christmas Eve or Christmas; and we try to emphasize gratitude for our blessings rather than getting more loot.

The First Presidency of the Church (our modern prophet and his counselors) produces a Christmas fireside each year, which is very typical of our attitude toward Christmas.  Watch the whole thing by clicking on this link.

Wonderful Christmas Gift

MangerEach year around Christmas time, it seems like life gets busier.  It can be quite challenging to find the time to finish off projects, decorate the house and get in that last minute shopping.  It’s important to take time and think about the reason for the season, the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

While I was growing up, each year we’d gather the family and we would read the nativity story from the Bible together.  Sometimes my father would read and the children would act it out.  In this picture, we are the wise men bringing gifts. (I’m the littlest wise man in the back)  By taking time to read and think about the birth of Christ it helps us think about the greatest gift that was given.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”  – John 3:16

I am truly grateful for the birth and life of Jesus Christ.  Through his suffering in Gethsemane, death on the cross and his resurrection, he has made it possible that we can repent and receive forgiveness of our sins and that we can live again after death.  What a wonderful Christmas gift.