Question Box: Mormons and Racism

April 9, 2012

Recently, we were asked about our stance on racism.  We believe, as Neil A. Maxwell stated, that “God’s second commandment, love thy neighbor, clearly leaves no room for racism.” (“Deny Yourselves of All Ungodliness,” Ensign, May 1995)  Thanks for your question! Share this:

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Judge not . . .

January 9, 2012

When I was a kid I used to think that everyone was just like me and that for the most part their lives were like mine–they had a warm, safe place to sleep, more than enough to eat, and that they felt safe and knew that their mom and dad loved them.  When I got […]


Mormon Fellowship – Visiting and Home Teaching

February 12, 2010

Visiting and Home Teaching are the Church’s programs that allow for fellowship, help members care for each individual’s needs, and provide an opportunity to serve each other.


Prophet: “We are appealing to members to donate”

January 22, 2010

As you well know, the people of Haiti are in desperate need.  The earthquake that hit near the capital has already decimated the population and more are in danger as their injuries and wounds lie unattended.  People from around the world have been congregating on the island to help, including an airplane full of returned […]

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Hating the sin, loving the sinner

July 28, 2009

Mormons are capable of loving and caring about people without embracing their bad choices. We are all sinners and we can all sympathize, but we know that righteous actions lead to lasting happiness.