Love of God and of All Mankind

March 19, 2009

All too often we find ourselves acting much like some of the Jews did at the time of Christ—we focus so much on the commandments that we are asked to live that we miss the big picture. On the second day after Jesus arrives in Jerusalem, prior to his crucifixion and resurrection, he is at […]

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Was He Married?

February 19, 2009

Q. Was He [Jesus] married? Short answer: We don’t know. Longish answer:  Funny you should ask.  Historically there has been some widespread speculation about that, particularly with respect to Mary Magdalene.  Thanks in part to The DaVinci Code, the issue has become more a part of popular culture in recent years.  It’s a fascinating debate, […]


Can Mormons get Divorced?

February 16, 2009

Q. Can Mormons get divorced? The simple answer to the question is yes, but this is no place for a simple answer.  Let’s expand the question to:  “What is the religion’s stand on divorce?”  The answer in this case is:  The church wishes couples would work through their problems and stay married, but accepts the […]


Mormon Dating Question

January 8, 2009

Q. Why do you have to be 16 to date? Great question. And you can be sure it’s one I asked myself many a time as a 15-year-old buck surrounded by a veritable plethora of charming young ladies. This Mormon standard is spelled out in “For the Strength of Youth,” which is a booklet of […]


A Zion People

October 25, 2008

A scriptural favorite of mine is the seventh chapter in the book of Moses wherein the prophet Enoch receives a powerful vision of the Earth and its inhabitants. Multiple times in this chapter, Enoch asks, even pleads with the Lord, “When will the Earth have rest?” referring to the great wickedness that was rampant in […]

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