What has the Prophet said Lately?

September 24, 2010

Two of our meetings at church today focused on the same issue: What Has the Prophet Said Lately? The first speaker in sacrament meeting related a story from her mission where a person they were teaching about the gospel got very excited about the idea of a living prophet and asked the two missionaries, “Well, […]

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Listening to a Prophet of God

March 31, 2010

This upcoming weekend (April 3-4), Mormons everywhere will take some time to listen to the prophet of God, Thomas S. Monson.  Each year, during the first weeks of April and October, Mormons have a special meeting called “General Conference.”  This is where we can hear from living apostles and the prophet. Yesterday, I was thinking […]

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A FAIR Perspective on Critical Claims

August 27, 2009

Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who don’t like us Mormons. I can understand why.  We aren’t like most break-off sects, based on our peculiar interpretation of scripture.  People are more or less comfortable with these groups.  After all, if Martin Luther said something you don’t agree with, you can rest […]

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General Conference

September 30, 2008
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If you’ve been reading this blog much, you’ve probably heard us raving about how great it is to have a modern-day living prophet. We think it’s pretty cool. It’s the connection to God that sets our religion apart. You too can learn what all the hullabaloo is about: this weekend is the semiannual, world-wide broadcast […]

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Come Hear the Voice of a Real Prophet

April 5, 2008
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Today and tomorrow are what is known to Mormons worldwide as “General Conference Weekend.” It happens twice a year — the first weekend of April and of October. It’s a broadcast service in which the living Prophet and the twelve Apostles speak to all the world. Usually, Mormons are the bulk of the audience, but […]

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