Question Box: Is There Hope For Me?

Question: I was baptized, confirmed, into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints about 2 years ago.  I was even received into the Aaronic Priesthood.  However, soon after I resigned my church membership, and asked that my name be removed from the roles of the church.  I did this in response to internal pressures from my family who is fiercely anti-LDS.  I am still quite young, and not totally financially independent from my parents, and I risked being virtually cut off from my family.  I KNOW that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the ONE true church on the face of the earth, and possesses the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ!  I am in an awkward place, but I desire to come back…is there hope for me?

Answer: Of course there is! With Christ all things are possible! While membership in the church is technically a requirement, if you find yourself unable to attend for a time you can still be faithful. You can continue to live the standards, read the scriptures, gain knowledge and live as Christ would have you. Live your life worthily so that you can be rebaptized promptly (since you had your records removed). In the future, when you find yourself independent and able to return to church, do it! Everyone is welcome in Christ’s Church!