How can we enjoy fasting?

January 3, 2011

Q: How can we enjoy fasting? Short answer: If fasting is fun for you, you’re probably doing it wrong. Long answer: Ok, but seriously.  Fasting is going without something that you want.  Usually food.  Often water also.  (In the Mormon tradition we generally fast from both, usually for 24ish hours).   If you don’t get hungry and […]


Why Can’t Mormons Swim on Sunday?

May 2, 2010

Q. Why can’t Mormons swim on Sunday? Swimming is something we do mainly for recreation, like sailing, golfing, four-wheeling, and going to the movies.  The Lord has asked us to spend one day of our week in worship.  Recreation often distracts from this goal.  We prefer to find activities that focus our thoughts on the […]



June 25, 2009

A short video about a father’s love and influence on his family.

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The Holy Garment

March 16, 2009

Q. What are magical Mormon underpants? We Mormons are usually pretty understanding and thick-skinned when it comes to questions about our faith, but it is offensive to us when some of our most sacred concepts are treated lightly.  The holy garment is one example. When I hear it called “magical underpants” I cringe.  I realize […]



February 2, 2009

Fasting is a powerful way to be humble and find the will of the Lord

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