Fourth Article of Faith

February 16, 2012

We believe in the first principles of the gospel, which are faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, second, repentance, third, baptism by immersion for the remission of sin, fourth, laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost.

This article of faith is a very important one as it involves the most basic actions that we do to follow Christ. Having faith in Christ gives us a starting point and a drive to continue. Our failures and weakness can be remedied by repentance with faith. After repentance, we can be baptized to complete the process. Finally, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost seals the covenant we have made with God in baptism. That covenant includes the promise of having God’s spirit to be with us which will guide us throughout our lives.

This process is repeated thoughout our lives, with baptism renewed through the sacrament, in order to improves our lives and become more like God.

See: Fundamentals of the Gospel

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2 Responses to “Fourth Article of Faith”

  1. c

    I’m wondering if you could answer some questions for me, though they are not related to the article.
    one, how do Mormons feel about women? In the family? in the chapel/temple? are women the root of evil? are we second to men, or equals?
    two, how do you feel about modesty? this one is just because of my curiosity, as I have heard a lot about different ideas regarding this.
    three, do you believe in original sin? that people are investment bad or evil? what about eve in the garden?
    if I think of any more, I’ll comment below. please get back to me by commenting! thanks

  2. Thaddeus

    c, thanks for your questions.
    1- women are definitely not the root of all evil! Here are a couple of articles addressing women in the church and in the family:
    Mormon Women
    Mormon Women Part II – Division of Labor
    2- modesty, as in being conservative in one’s dress and appearance? we definitely believe in that. check this one out: prophetic prophets
    3- we don’t believe in original sin.
    People naturally tend to fall into evil, but our true nature is godliness and we are here to realize it.
    Eve did the right thing in the garden of Eden

    That’s a lot of reading you have to do!

    We will be glad to further answer your questions, c. Keep ’em coming.