Question Box: Cremation

January 17, 2011

Q. Can Mormons get cremated after death? The answer more and more is yes. Please see the article on Organ Donation and the Resurrection. The real issue is how we respect our bodies, and cremation seems a little harsh to Western sensibilities, but as the Church becomes more global, it has accepted the ways that […]

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The Original Sin

September 15, 2010

This post comes from the following question: “What do mormans [sic] believe about original sin?” This question is most simply answered by a statement Joseph Smith gave about our beliefs: “We believe that men will be punished for their own sins, and not for Adam’s transgression.” (AoF 1:2) We also believe that “every spirit of […]


Dressing the Dead

February 1, 2010

Q. Why do members dress the deceased and not the funeral directors? In many cases members of the Church dress their relatives for the grave rather than having the funeral directors do so.  To understand why, some knowledge of the LDS temple ceremony is essential.  One purpose of the temple is to prepare a person […]


Question on eternal marriage

September 14, 2009

Q. What happens if someone vicariously performs a sealing for a deceased couple that doesn’t want to be sealed together? First, to understand this situation, an understanding must be had of sealing and of work for the dead. Briefly put, sealing is the term used for being married in the temple.  It is an ordinance […]


Do Mormons Pray To or For the Dead?

May 14, 2009

Q. Do Mormons pray to or for the dead? To the first part, no; we do not pray to the dead. We pray to God the Eternal Father. We believe in His Son, Jesus Christ and we end our prayers in Jesus’ name.  We believe that the Father and the Son are both very much […]