Question Box: Prayer and Salvation

March 26, 2011

Q. Do mormons believe in salvation? Do they believe in asking God to come into your heart? Who do they pray to?

Yes, Mormons do believe in salvation. We believe that mankind may be saved through Jesus Christ and may live in the presence of God provided that we are prepared for it.

Asking God to come into your heart is a valid request but it must be noted that God has a physical body and so cannot actually dwell in our hearts. Intead, He sends the Holy Ghost to comfort us and accompany us.

Mormons pray to God, the Father, in the name of Jesus Christ.

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One Response to “Question Box: Prayer and Salvation”

  1. Bus Gillespie

    Do you offer the milk or the meat to questions like this.  Let’s see, Salvation comes in a variety of flavors so one would have to define that a bit more?  Is salvation merely being resurrected and returning to “heaven”?  If that is the case then the LDS do accept that doctrine.  But then there is the whole concept of exaltation…probably too meaty for this forum.
    Asking God to come into our heart…again not literally since it is the LDS belief that God is a person with a resurrected body, so it would be pretty cramped.  But God uses the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit to turn the hearts of people toward truth.  So considering the unified mission of the Godhead, one could certainly pray to have God in their metaphysical heart and everyone would understand what the request meant.