What is your great question of the soul?

March 8, 2010

I read an interesting quote the other day, about how people in our church “need to know how to use the Book of Mormon to arouse mankind’s interest in studying it, and they need to show how it answers the great questions of the soul” (Ezra Benson).

That quote made me think: what are the great questions of the soul? I thought of several and I want to show you how the Book of Mormon answers them. Many of the questions I thought of are below, along with a specific passage in the Book of Mormon to help answer that question. There are many more questions and many more passages, but this is just a small glimpse into the book I love so much. I hope this helps some of you orient yourselves to the Book of Mormon, which has helped me answer my own soul’s greatest question.

Is there a god? (2 Nephi 2:14; Alma 30:43-44)

If so, how can I know? (Alma 22:16-18)

What is God like? (2 Nephi 26:23-24, 33, 27:23)

Does life have a purpose? (Alma 42)

Can I know that purpose? (Mormon 9:21, 27-28)

Is there life after death? (Alma 11:45, Alma 40)

I know that although this site is targeted to people who want to know more about what Mormons believe, it is frequently visited by members of our church. I encourage all of you who have read this far to leave a comment in this section. Tell about a great question of your soul, or simply ask it here. If you have found your answer in the Book of Mormon, put the scriptures that helped you. If you know of any scriptures to help anybody out, put them there. We can all gain something from this experience if you share your thoughts in the comments right now, and we need your contribution.

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2 Responses to “What is your great question of the soul?”

  1. My greatest question of the soul was answered by the Book of Mormon, thanks to my dad’s help.

    When I was in high school, I realized something: I have always been taught that Joseph Smith revealed the truth about God. Everybody else in the world also believes they have the truth about God, so what made me so sure I was right? And if I was wrong, the thought that I may cease to exist once I died was a thought that filled me with indescribable horror.

    My dad helped me understand that if the Book of Mormon is true, then what I’ve been taught about Jesus Christ and the resurrection is also true. If it’s not true, then any number of things could be true. He pointed out a scripture that is very familiar to those acquainted with the Book of Mormon: Moroni 10:3-5. This scripture asks us to pray about the truthfulness of the teachings in the Book of Mormon. I had heard this scripture countless times, but for the first time I realized that this scripture wasn’t talking about somebody else; it was talking about me.

    For the first time in my life I was motivated to believe because I decided to believe, and not because it was part of my culture. I did as the scripture recommended and asked God. The first thing I felt was that I needed to be more diligent in finding out what, exactly, the Book of Mormon says by reading it more diligently. I did so, and slowly my doubts evaporated as the spirit of God added one bit of confidence to another. Now I know that the Book of Mormon is true because of my own experience. My great question of the soul was answered.

  2. I’ve had a lot of questions answered. Here is one of them:

    What does a ‘good’ person look like? How do I know if I’m good?

    A really great self-examination can be found in Alma 5, where Alma asks a series of questions to get you introspecting. If you come up short, there is guidance to help you repent and turn your life around.