Question Box: What Can Mormons Do?

January 9, 2010

From the Question Box:

Q. Can [Mormons] have TV?

A. Yes

Q. Can the girls have Barbie dolls and the boys have video games?

A. Yes

Q. Can they have radio?

A. Yes

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4 Responses to “Question Box: What Can Mormons Do?”

  1. Jettboy

    In other words, Mormons aren’t Monks and Nuns. They aren’t Eastern Quakers or Mennonites. I would say the list of what Mormons shouldn’t do (or at least choose not to do for religious reasons) are have sex before marriage or anything like unto it, drink alcohol or smoke, dress provocatively, and break the Ten Commandments. Despite popular belief, Mormons aren’t the only ones who hold these behaviors as inappropriate.

  2. Darrell

    This is my favorite article in the world.

  3. I wrote a post expanding on what I said above.

  4. Bus

    I like the take on this post rather than the “What CAN”T Mormons do” because it is a false attitude that the commandments we strive to live keep us from doing things. Actually by keeping the commandments MORE opportunities are afforded us. For example rather than saying Mormons don’t or shouldn’t smoke, one could say, Mormons can enjoy better health, be better smelling, and have much more freedom because they choose to follow the guidelines the Lord has laid out for our benefit. I can’t think of a commandment that doesn’t improve our lives if lived.