Question Box: Can Mormons be cremated?

March 31, 2013

Can Mormons be cremated and other ashes put together? Cremation is permitted but not encouraged. At burial, faithful members are clothed in ceremonial garb as a symbol of their readiness to enter the spirit world. So cremation puts a bit of a hiccup in that rite. Wherever possible, they should be cremated while wearing the […]

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Mormon in the White House

July 30, 2012

I have been asked to write about Mitt Romney’s presidential bid. You should know, the LDS Church has a fairly firm political neutrality stance, you can see more about it in this video. And I think our website here does as well. Yes, a member of the LDS church is running for president. This is […]


LDS Infographic

March 9, 2012

The LDS Church just came out with this helpful infographic, Mormons at a glance, check it out. Here is the LDS Newsroom article explaining some of the information.   Share this:


Question Box: self-harm

August 12, 2011

Question: I was curious if we believe in self harm (cutting and slapping yourself) and I was also curious to know if we believe in having eating disorders? A: I don’t fully understand the question. I think we believe that these are problems and we should be treating our bodies as sacred gifts from our […]


Question Box: Adopted Sealings

June 9, 2011

Q:┬áIf a Mormon couple adopts children, can they be sealed into an eternal family? A: Absolutely! Any child legally adopted can be sealed to their family in the temple. I know of families who have all adopted children and some who have adopted one and added to their other children. It’s wonderful that our earthly […]

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