I’m Happy For Two Reasons

February 24, 2008

1) Because I just read the following quote: “Feed a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Feed a fish a man and he’ll eat for weeks.”

2) I’m a Mormon.

Yes it’s a truth: as I ponder why it is that in general I, Curtis, am such a happy person, I realize that it is directly linked to my religion. “How!?” you may be questioning exclamatorily right now. Well, dearest you, let me tell you. And, as you might’ve guessed by now, I like doing things in list form, so here goes (to mix things up a bit I’ll make this list out of letters).

A) I have purpose in my life. I know why I’m here, where I came from, and what comes after death. Knowing that there’s a reason I’m here on this giant sphere hurtling through the immensity of space gives me a sense of peace and joy.

B) I have a loving family. Mormon doctrine teaches that the family is “ordained of God” and “central to the Creator’s plan for the eternal destiny of His children.” (“The Family: A Proclamation to the World”) I love my fam and find tremendous happiness in knowing that I can be with them for all eternity.

C) “Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have joy.” (2 Nephi 2:25) This verse from the Book of Mormon let’s me know that it is God’s plan for me to be happy. The Supreme Being’s object and desire is for me and each of us to be happy! We are meant to be happy in this life and the next, how could it be any other way?

D) And one of the best Biblical verses ever penned (quilled?): “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33) I know Christ lives and that He loves each of us. No matter how dark the path may seem or how difficult the way, there is a Light to guide us safely through. Now there’s a reason to rejoice.

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5 Responses to “I’m Happy For Two Reasons”

  1. RTC

    I’m happy for completely different reasons. I’m not a Mormon. Does that make my happiness less than your happiness?

  2. Curtis "Curtis" Wiederhold

    I’m glad you’re a happy person! And, my friend, you bring up a very good point. Now I’m not sure exactly what the reasons for your happiness are, but there are a couple things I do know. I know that regardless of one’s own personal religious views or beliefs that a person will be happy by doing what’s right. For example, great happiness can come to anyone through service to others. Also, I personally find great joy and satisfaction by playing guitar in the band I’m in. Happiness can take on many forms.

    I’m also sure, however, that wickedness never can bring true happiness. Yes, pleasure (pleasure≠happiness) can be found in the drugs, sex, and violence of this world gone mad, but as the pleasure wears off (and how quickly it does!) a deep undertone of depression settles in- there is no lasting satisfaction there. I’ve seen that and I know it’s true.

    Thirdly, I know that a fullness of joy can only come through a knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In my post I discussed the happiness I feel because I know God’s plan. He has promised that we can find joy as we keep His commandments. I’m grateful to know what those commandments are and what blessings result in obeying them.

    And now I’m off to my crazy physics class (which, for the record, doesn’t bring me much happiness..).

  3. Thaddeus

    Curtis “Curtis”, I’m happy that you went to all the effort of putting a “not equals” sign in your comment!

    P.S. I loved your post. I think you should write another one. You have very entertaining writing.

  4. Anonymous

    Ok so here is the deal, I was bought up Mormon all my life…upon leaving home at 15 and doing my thing… etc etc I became a born again christian when I was 21…

    Upon realising what Grace really was and how that contridicted everything I previously knew about “God”… and let me tell you, I never heard about Grace spoken of when I grew up, (and yes I did graduate from seminary with 100% attendance,and my Parents were the Stake Primary pres and on the high council)…

    I actually began to let God’s truth in and realised the stuff that I had literally been brainwashed with growing up!!!!

    One of the biggest things I still wonder how Mormons can believe is this; That “God” (as they perceive him to be) has a body of flesh and bone????
    I mean honest for real?
    They couldn’t get more creative with the Creator of the Universe…
    The God who literally says when asked who he is “I AM”…The beginning and the end…
    I mean is that it???????

    Really… God is that small that you squish him into a body that we all have… one made of flesh and bone… I just actually cannot for the life of me think how that is even explainable.

    I really believe now that most Mormons perceive God to be the best possible version of themself, add that to all the goodness they can somehow muster up in the world and call that God.
    Sad really, I would hate to believe in a God so small he had a body made of the same stuff as mine.

    My God is un-definable. Period.
    If he wasn’t and I could just explain him away right down to what he was made of I think I would rather not believe in him!!!

  5. Thaddeus

    Anonymous, we are happy you found our blog. Thank you for your comment.

    You are entitled to your belief about Our Father, God.

    We believe God is a person with a distinct face, a physical body, and a real personality, who cares for His children. We believe this because Joseph Smith saw Him and spoke to Him in person. All we ask is that you respect our sincere beliefs.