Survey: Tea and Mormons

February 25, 2011

Below is a survey I made that I would like you to participate in. It’s for both Mormons and non-Mormons. It will only take a second.

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5 Responses to “Survey: Tea and Mormons”

  1. Sally

    I love black tea but don’t drink it. I do drink green tea because a stake president said it was considered herbal and not against the WoW. I am frustrated at how illogical the WofW is sometimes. I am trying to give up soda and I think tea is a much healthier alternative. I can drink a gallon of diet coke and be fine for the temple, not but a glass of iced tea.

  2. Daniel FieldingSmith

    Sally- there is no difference between black tea and green tea. both come from the same tea plant, and the only difference is  how the  tea leaves are processed after they are plucked. Leaves destined to be green tea are  plucked and dried immediately. Leaves destined to be black tea are plucked, and then crushed a bit, then left to ferment for a while, and then dried. Both black and green tea have the same amount of caffeine- they just taste different.
    Strange how D&C 89 talkes about eating meats sparingly, eating fruits, veggies and grains in season ,  and these  aspects of what is taught in section 89 are never really mentioned

  3. Bus

    I think the W of W is very logical.  It was given “not by commandment or constraint,…(for) the temporal salvation of all saints in the last days.”  It is “adapted to the capacity of the weak, and the weakest of all saints,”  And given “In consequence of evils and designs which do and will exist in the hearts of conspiring men in the last days.”
          More recent prophets have codified it a bit by listing certain things that specifically should not be taken into the body, and the temple recommend questions are used to differentiate saints willing to accept the word of the Lord from those who are unwilling to even be considered the weakest among the saints.
           When Christ gave the Sermon on the Mount he was explaining to those people that lower law given to Moses wasn’t enough anymore.  Counting your steps on the Sabbath or preforming a sacifice at the alter wasn’t enough, there had to be a change of heart, a true belief and a love of righteousness in order to obtain the Kingdom of Heaven.  When people use their “logic” to determine what the Lord’s limit of caffine is they seem to be seeking the comfort of the old law.  “Just tell us what to do!”  It probably won’t be that easy, there are too many products being produced by too many conspiring men (and women).  The lord has provided the outline of healthy living and all but the weakest can probably figure out what is good and bad for them with the help of some prayer and personal revelation.
             As far as Green Tea goes, until the Church comes up with an official statement it sounds like its up to the stake president to determine whether drinking it makes you temple worthy or not.  Now what about energy drinks??

  4. Daniel FieldingSmith

    Bus- problem is this- there is no logical or scientific reason to avoid drinking  tea or coffee, especially, when it seems to be OK to drink Red Bull and al lkinds of “energy” drinks, a lot of which also have alcohol in them.
    As a person of Indian ethnicity who grew up drinking tea and coffee,  I think this prohibition on these 2 drinks is more about trying to impose UtahMormon cultural norms than anything else.
    I obey the WoW, but, I dont agree with how it has been interpreted.

  5. Suzy Stein

    I am confused by the above comments which imply that drinking diet coke or energy drinks is ok by church standards. I believe the principal taught by the word of wisdom is to avoid substances that are potentially addictive, such as caffeine. I think most members would agree that use of caffeinated soda or energy drinks is contrary to the word of wisdom. I’m not interested in any debate. I’m just stating what my understanding is.